Warranty for Kiwi Spas the Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa Experts

Warranty for Kiwi Spas the Hot Tub, Spa and Swim Spa Experts

Kiwi Spas is the trading name of Kiwi Spas Ltd.

We want you to be delighted with your new hot tub or swim spa.

Every spa and hot tub sold by Kiwi Spas is covered by the following warranty. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

  1. The Spa Pool moulding i.e. the fibreglass shell, is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years from the date of delivery, against failure in: structure due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that the installation, use and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with normal practice according to our recommendations. The Acrylic surface is guaranteed for five years against material failure of manufacturing defect.
  2. The spa cabinet has a 5 year structural warranty. The spa must be positioned on a firm flat level surface i.e. concrete pad, paving, asphalt, timber decking, not dirt or grass.
  3. All support equipment i.e.: Filtration Plant, Heaters, Motors and Pumps, including Spa Power control equipment e.g.: Control Box and Touch Pads have a two year warranty from date of delivery against faulty components, provided they are used under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Components, including heating elements, are not covered under this warranty against corrosion due to inadequate water balance.
  4. The Ozone Generator is covered by a 1 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.
  5. The Lockable hardcover is covered by a 1 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.
  6. All light bulbs, labels & badges, lamps and headrests are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. This warranty does not extend to damage caused during delivery or installation of the product, wear and tear or damage resulting from accident, negligence or misuse.
  8. Colour changes or variations and material failures are limited to guarantees or warranty offered by the material supplier. This guarantee does not extend to any damage, defect or failure caused or arising through defective installation of the spa, or inappropriate chemical maintenance of the Spa’s water resulting in material damage to the Spa or Equipment.
  9. The product must have been left in the original situation following its installation and is owned by the original purchaser. The warranty is not transferable to a new owner.
  10. The spa has been maintained and the water therein chemically treated according to sound and well established methods and abrasive cleaners are not used on the spa’s surfaces.
  11. The spa is not heated above 45 degrees Celsius.
  12. The Spa must not be left empty in direct sunlight as this will result in damage to the spa surface and plastic fittings.WARNING: DO NOT LEAVE SPA WRAPPED IN THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC OUTSIDE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT.



  13. The guarantee shall be invalid if the spa is damaged by earth or ground-fill movement, Acts of God, acts of aggression, by accident, or by intentional, reckless negligent acts of any person. In no event shall Kiwi Spas, its agents or employees, be liable for injury to any person for any claim damage, however arising.
  14. If any such defect appears or occurs the Purchaser shall inform a Kiwi Spas Dealer or its representative by notice in writing within seven days of such defect. Any such notice must set out the exact nature of the defect and the circumstances in which it was noticed.
  15. The original attached plumbing equipment in the spa vessel is not in any way altered or modified from its original state. All servicing and repairs to be carried out only by a serviceman authorised by Kiwi Spas. Until this guarantee is signed and returned by the Purchaser to Kiwi Spas or its authorised dealer and is signed on behalf of Kiwi Spas it shall have no effect.
  16. This is the only warranty given by Kiwi Spas and all other warranties, conditions or representation whether expressed or implied are excluded.
  17. All electrical components such as stereos, CD players, pumps, controllers, lights etc. damaged by water due to negligence, i.e. wet hands operating CD/stereo, or removing cabinet doors or enclosures exposing to weather will void warranty.
  18. This warranty does not include any commercial installations, i.e. hotels, motels, gyms, sports clubs e.g. where larger bather density applications are apparent. Structurally the spa is still covered against construction defects but not the surface material or plumbing attachments where commercial use and chemical dosing are above general domestic use.

The spa water chemistry must be adhered to; failure to keep spa water within recommended ranges can result in equipment failure. Professional water testing is recommended monthly.

The entire warranty is only upheld provided the Spa is serviced by Kiwi Spas Ltd or an approved third party on an annual basis. Service to be carried out within 2 weeks either side of due date


Kiwi Spas assumes no liability or responsibility for incidental, consequential or other damage including, but not limited to, removal of a deck or other custom fixture(s), transportation or shipping charges, rental of a like product during the time warranty service is being performed, travel, loss or damage to personal property and loss of revenue, use, time or inconvenience resulting from the loss of use of any spa covered by this warranty as applicable by English Law.

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