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In the privacy of your own garden

Invest in a hot tub with an established company you can trust

When it comes to relaxing, nothing compares to the luxury of a hot tub in the privacy of your own garden. Warm water and muscle-soothing water jets are guaranteed to melt away the day’s stress and leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Easy to maintain, safe and inexpensive to run, our exclusive range of hot tubs can accommodate up to 9 people. Designed to fit any outdoor space, our hot tubs are easy to install and come with a full warranty.

Our exceptional after care service and maintenance packages will allow you to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.



At Kiwi Spas, we want you to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa for years to come. The superior quality of materials in Kiwi Spas means you can expect our hot tubs and spas to last longer than cheaper, foam-filled models.


Our skilled team can repair most brands of hot tubs and swim spas, using genuine parts.

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