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The initial thought of possibly enjoying a hot tub in the winter months might seem a little strange, but if you are already a hot tub owner you know that there is nothing more enjoyable on a freezing cold night than to cover those shoulders with lovely warm heat with jets power at all your aches and pains.

A lot of people get more stressed and depressed over winter due to not coping with the short days and it seeming to be forever dark, and also the fact that it so blooming cold! Our bodies tense up when its colder and our shoulders can start aching where we hunch over to protect ourselves from the cold. A hot tub can warm away these aches and pains with the intensity of the warm bubbles massaging away the aches and pains and at the same time producing endorphins too, to make you feel happy again!

Another key element to bare in mind when buying a hot tub is where to put it! There is no point having a hot tub but placing it somewhere that is not easy to reach for example! Have the tub as close to the house as you possibly can, so that you can quickly tiptoe into the garden, drop your robe and be in the warmth within seconds.

Once relaxed in the hot tub, you wont feel cold at all, in fact after warming up the cold air is a very pleasant relief!

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